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About Us
MyAircond2u.com is a wholly Malaysian Enterprise offering Air Conditioning Services as  our major business stream and others like home fencing & welding, house cleaning, plumbing & house renovation.
We practise speed, quality, friendly & professional services as our value of customer services. Our field of expertise covers all types of air conditioning ranges from residential homes, factories, plants and high rise buildings.
We believe that our values of company will assist our customer satisfaction in term value of the money. Rest assured that you will be provided with the best service and experience.

Objectives 1

Mission 2

Objectives 3




We inspire to be the best of air conditioning service provider in Klang Valley.
We aim to be the best in customer service by practising customer services value as speed, quality, friendly and professional. By having this, we confident that we can be more productive in Klang Valley.
1) Ensure our clients receive value added service and value of money.
2) Offer safe and environmental friendly solutions while servicing your aircond.
3) Provide air conditioning services with professional and friendly by our dedicate staff/partner.
4) Offer top quality and speed in order to provide good services to our clients.

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